pondelok 8. septembra 2008

Fluvizem modálna (1), Kľúčovec

Location: Danubian Plain, Žitný ostrov Island, Slovakia
Site: Kľúčovec, inundated area between the Danube and protection levee
Elevation: 112 m a. s. l.
Author of the photographies: P. Pišút ©, summer of 2006
Land use: commercial forest (even within a Protected Landscape Area)
Vegetation: Canadian Poplar monoculture
Classification MKSP (2000): Fluvizem modálna, karbonátová varieta
Classification WRB (2006): Fluvisol, calcaric
Parent rock: Alluvial loam and sand
Remarks:  nitrophilous vegetation (dominated by Urtica dioica)

2-3 cm thick layer of fresh flood loam, covering the soil